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The FMPHT division is engaged in developing and refining the technologies for fodder production and utilization in respect of engineering. In this process several machines have been developed and modified along with research on feed material, storage, drying, baling etc. Salient machines/ activities are as following:

Cutter bar type fodder harvester
Cutter bar type fodder harvester operated offset in the right of tractor was found useful for harvesting succulent forage crops like berseem and green oats. The field capacity and the field efficiency of this machine for berseem was 0.52 to 0.55 ha/h and 79 to 85% respectively.

Movable densification machine

Movable densification machine operated by a 35 hp tractor and is used to densify dry grasses, rice straw, sorghum, maize, bajra, legumes and other crop residues. The bales have square cross section of 47 cm x 47 cm with the length varied from 40 to 100 cm. The baling density could be ranged from 100-160 kg/m3 with the density of natural grasses as 105kg/m3.

Automatic baler
Tractor operated automatic baler is used for making bales of dried hay material including natural grasses, maize stalks and cowpea hay. It compacts natural grasses with average compaction ratio of 2.62 and average bale density of 104.8kg/m3. It has capacity of making bales of about 166 bales (50 cm length) per hour.
Automatic baling machine in operation

Power operated feed pelleting machine

Operated by 5hp electric motor and is used for making feed pellets. It consists of angle iron frame, an auger, feeding mouth, shaft and belt pulley power transmission system. The capacity of the machine ranged between 65 and 85 kg/h with die size of 28 mm and 38mm. The length of the feed pellets varied from 10-15 cm.
Feed pelleting machine in operation

Power weeder for forage crops

Power weeder is used for weeding cultivated forage crops like berseem. The berseem crop was sown at 40 cm distance using berseem seed drill and first weeding was taken up 30 days after sowing. Three weeding was required using this power weeder. This machine is having field capacity and efficiency of 0.23 ha/h and 65-70%.
Self-propelled power weeder in operation

Seed drill for berseem
Developed in collaboration with CIAE Bhopal and tested for sowing berseem seed. The seed rate was 10 kg/ha at row to row distance of 40 cm.

Complete flood blocks
The complete feed block having wheat straw - 40%, molasses - 20%, dry leaves of berseem - 20%, concentrate mixture - 19% and recommended level of mineral mixture and vitamin additives - 1% was produced using stationary densifying machine.

Subabul leaf meal
Subabul plants are stacked vertically to dry. Plants are dried till the leaves shatter by slight jerk. The leaves are collected and stored as 'leaf meal'.
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