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  Crop Production Division (फसल उत्पादन विभाग)
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After the inception of IGFRI, the division of Soil Science and Agronomy was established in the year 1964, for development and standardization of sustainable forage production technologies by efficient management of inputs under irrigated and rainfed situations. This division was bifurcated into Divisions of Agronomy and Soil Science in the year 1982. Further, in the year 1996, to promote the inter disciplinary approach in generation of agro- techniques for enhancement of nutritious forage production through appropriate soil, water and nutrient management strategies, the division of Agronomy and Soil Science were merged to form the Division of Crop Production.

icon Development of suitable fodder production systems for irrigated and rainfed situations with an emphasis on efficient use of inputs, particularly nutrients and water.

icon Development of forage based farming systems.

icon Soil resource management and agro-meteorological studies relating to forage production systems.

icon Evaluation of different management practices for various fodder crops and combination of various forage systems to enhance forage productivity.

icon Judicious use of meteorological information and natural resource management to enhance forage production.

icon Efficient natural resource management.

icon Developing suitable perennial based production systems for optimizing forage productivity under irrigated and rainfed conditions.

icon Developing integrated nutrient supply system for enhanced nutrient and water use efficiency.

icon Soil health and amelioration needs in relation to forage crops.

icon Climatic variability and crops - weather modelling for optimizing forage productivity.
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