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  Crop Production Division (List of On-Going Project)  
Year 2013 - 2014
Project Code Project Title RPF - 1
CI 1.1.8 Market led fodder production technology for profit maximization in peri-urban agglomeration RPF-1
CI 1.1.9 Development of Agro-techniques for the Cultivation of Chaya (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius) RPF-1
CI 1.1.10 Standardization of Agro-techniques for newly released varieties of fodder crops RPF-1
CI 1.1.11 Effect of long term organic and conventional nutrient management on soil fertility and sustainability of cropping system RPF-1
CI 1.4.4 Farming system approach for livelihood improvement RPF-1
CI 1.4.5 Post implementation impact assessment of FSRP (Phase-I) RPF-1
CI 1.4.6 Evaluation of New herbicides for development of IWM module in Forage crops RPF-1
CP 1.5.1 Tillage management practices in fodder-food cropping system for sustainable production (upto June 13) RPF-1
CP 1.5.2 Resource conserving technologies (RCT's) for improved productivity and soil health in fodder sorghum based cropping systems RPF-1
CP 2.1.11 Optimization of forage yield through development of suitable soil - crops management strategies under rainfed semi arid conditions RPF-1
CP 2.1.13 Fodder based contingent crop planning modules for rainfed semi-arid region RPF-1
CP 2.1.14 Climate Resilient Forage Production Systems under Rainfed Situation RPF-1
CP 2.3.10 Water requirement of hybrid Napier - berseem intercropping system under organic nutrition in semi arid region RPF-1
CP 2.3.11 Forewarning models for major pests of cowpea and berseem RPF-1
CP 2.3.12 Studies of dynamic crop growth simulation model for fodder cowpea using crop grow- Grain Cowpea Model for agronomic management and impact of climate change on its productivity in few location of India RPF-1
CP 3.1.1 Soil solution chemistry and nutrition of fodder in saline soils RPF-1
CP 3.1.2 Development of Phosphate Solubilising Bio-fertilizer suitable for Fodder Crops of problem soils RPF-1
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