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Instrument Details
Instrument/Facility Name: Advanced Optical Microscope
Make: Leica
Model: DM2500 LED
The Leica DM2500 M is a flexible microscope system. With the DM2500 M stand, you can choose between two incident light axes : 1. The 4x incident light axis is optimal for bright field (BF) and dark field (DF) applications or differential interference contrast (DIC), qualitative polarization (POL) or fluorescence (Fluo) applications: the ideal solution for industrial quality control and metallographic examinations. 2. The 5x incident light axis has been specially designed for BF applications and is particularly well suited for use in the pharmaceutical industry, for example, analyzing cell growth on metal surfaces. Three objective turrets are also available: the BF/DF M32 nosepiece holds up to five objectives; while the (BF/Fluo) can accommodate up to six or seven objectives.

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Working Model:
The number of applications in microscopy can be as manifold as life itself. Different specimens demand different contrast methods to get a decent result. Unstained cells normally do not show a very high contrast. Researchers approach this problem by either staining the specimen with dyes respectively fluorescent molecules; or adding contrast by manipulating the light passing through. The Leica DM2500 LED offers the above mentioned contrasting methods to meet each specimen’s demands: brightfield for stained histological sections, phase contrast to image unstained cells, differential interference contrast (DIC) for unstained samples and a relief-like view, polarization contrast to watch crystals or e.g. cellulose, fluorescence to visualize dedicated cellular components by immunofluorescence.
User Instructions:
Notes during operation, cares shall be taken to prevent liquid from dropping onto the lense of the instrument as well working plateform. Carefully adjust the diaphragm and eye piece for better view.
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Advanced Optical Microscope Charges:
Procedure Name Industry University National LAB/R&D Remarks
  500/- 250/-    
Additional Rs 100/-towards postal charges if result are to be posted
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