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  Seed Tech Developed 1  

The tetrazolium test involves the identification, location and appraisal of healthy, weak and dead embryo tissues in reference to possible influence upon seed storage qualities, seed germination, and early seeding development under unfavourable as well as favourable conditions.

Species Staining conditions*
Sehima nervosum, Brachiaria brizantha, Paspalum notatum, Setaria sphacelata,
Berseem, Lucerne
0.5%, 12h, 300C
Desmanthus virgatus, Indigofera astragalina 0.5%, 6-24h, 300C
Stylosanthes seabrana 0.5%, 12-24h, 300C
Cenchrus ciliaris 0.5%, 48h, 300C

*species specific preconditioning like soaking in hot water (Cenchrus ciliaris, Berseem, Lucerne), longitudinal sectioning of ¾ of endosperm (Paspalum notatum), nipping of seed coat of imbibed seeds (Desmanthus virgatus, Indigofera astragalina and Stylosanthes seabrana) and by chipping of seeds (Clitoria ternatea) is needed for accurate Tz staining.

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